Our Founder

Our Founder: Alison Kennedy

Alison KennedyTraining and Experience:
· B.A., Cert. Ed., M.Sc., University of Manitoba.
· Sessional Instructor, Department of Human Nutritional Sciences, University of Manitoba, 2002-2007.
· Interviewer, National and Provincial Studies on Aging, University of Manitoba, 2000-2010.
· Cognitive Educator, Brain Enhancement Services, 2008.
· Companion Care Trainer, Comforts of Home-Care, Inc., 2010-2011.
· Director of Brain Vitality Program, Comforts of Home-Care, Inc. 2010-2011.
· Over 8 years working with individuals with cognitive impairment.
· Speaker Alzheimer Society Manitoba Conferences 2010 and 2013

Alison Kennedy started her own company, Kennedy Cognitive Services, Inc. in November 2011. Years of interviewing seniors, their caregivers, and health care staff for provincial and national studies, opened her eyes to the reality of thousands of seniors struggling with cognitive decline and a healthcare system that lacks the resources to address their individual needs for cognitive support. Her personal experience in working with cognitively impaired individuals has motivated her to compile a resource manual and tool kit and train her professional staff as Cognitive Support Specialists. She now provides individualized one-on-one fun and stimulating sessions to clients in their place of residence to nurture their brain health, sense of connection and self-esteem and improve their quality of life. She has been adapting her methods to the needs of individuals with dementia, Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome, Progressive Aphasia, Parkinson’s Disease and brain injuries such as strokes for over 8 years. Her work has been warmly embraced by clients, client families, and healthcare professionals. Alison’s vision is to one day see trained and equipped Cognitive Support Specialists working side by side with other health care professionals in personal care homes, supportive housing units, assisted living units, and in the community, meeting the deep needs of individuals with cognitive impairment for emotional and cognitive support. She was deeply honored in Oct, 2014 to present a cost saving idea for the future of dementia care to an international panel of dementia care experts in Scotland.