Cognitive stimulation is beneficial in dementia.Kennedy Cognitive Services - AK Bear

”Cognitive stimulation should be routinely offered to people with early stage dementia.”

”Cognitive stimulation is beneficial in early, moderate and severe dementia. Patients with moderate to severe dementia seem to benefit from general engagement in activities that enhance cognitive and social functioning in a non-specific manner. The type of cognitive stimulation one may benefit from changes over the years, depending on one’s cognitive status.”
Source: Buschert et al., 2010 Nature Reviews Neurology, 6, 508-517.

“In care homes unmet needs in people with dementia have been found to be associated with higher anxiety, depression, and challenging behaviors. For persons with dementia living at home research has found that the most frequent unmet needs were daytime activities, company, and help with psychological distress.”
Source: Miranda-Castillo et al., Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2010, 8:132.

“People with dementia have the right to enjoy the highest possible quality of life and care. Each person with dementia is an individual, regardless of stage of the disease and care in care homes should be individually tailored to their unique needs, interests, habits and desires.”
Source: Alzheimer Society of Canada: Guidelines for Care Framework Jan. 2011

We need an individualized, affordable, and widely accessible one-on-one cognitive stimulation program. Research into the benefits of our work can help motivate decision makers to move in this direction.” – Alison Kennedy, KCS President