K.C.S. – E.N.R.I.C.H. Program

K.C.S. – E.N.R.I.C.H. Program

Kennedy Cognitive Services - Cards· Ideal for those needing cognitive support

It may be a Mom or Dad who is spending too much time alone, without the benefits of stimulating conversation and activities. If you are worried about their moments of confusion, difficulties in making decisions, finding words or remembering, give us a call. Individuals with a variety of health conditions have benefited from our program including those with a diagnosis of dementia, aphasia, Parkinson’s Disease, strokes and other brain injuries.

· Fun and stimulating in home one-on-one sessions designed for your loved one

The K.C.S. – E.N.R.I.C.H. Program is provided at the client’s residence in hourly sessions by a warm fun-loving Cognitive Support Specialist. The number of sessions can vary from one every two weeks to up to three per week. Two sessions per week are recommended. Activities are individualized to the client’s needs, interests and abilities and designed to be fully enjoyable and slightly challenging. Art, associations, hand-eye coordination, logic, language, mathematics, memory, music, orientation, patterns, sensory/tactile, and visual acuity activities are used. Our clients reside both in community and institutionalized settings.

· To improve quality of life

• E.N.R.I.C.H stands for Engagement to Nurture, Revitalize and Inspire Cognitive and Mental Health.

Our program goals are:
• To provide enjoyable one-on-one mental stimulation tailored to the individual client’s needs, interests and abilities
• To improve the client’s sense of connection
• To improve the client’s self-esteem
• To improve the client’s quality of life

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Imagine what a difference a special visitor could make… someone who is warm and friendly and who comes with special fun activities to encourage thinking and reconnecting, someone who builds self-esteem and improves quality of life, someone who is professionally trained and experienced in the gentle care of those with cognitive difficulties…