Kennedy Cognitive Services - Testimonials“I so deeply appreciate everything you are doing and have done for my mom. We are all enormously grateful for the ways you have brought (and still bring) joy and value to my mom’s life! Please know that I simply cannot imagine any service more valuable and truly priceless! You, and those like you, make a HUGE difference to more than you can possibly know. Your kindness and compassion make this a world I can still feel good about living in. May all the warmth and light you daily bring to others be returned to you a thousand fold.” – J. J., client’s daughter

“It would be nice if this program is approved and government assisted!” – C. N., client’s husband

“This is certainly the treatment of choice for my husband.” – J.G., client’s wife

“I am so grateful of your love, care and willingness to go out on a limb for Mom. We appreciate you!” – G.V., client’s daughter

“I’m really glad Mum is willing to participate and enjoy herself. I think she does a whole lot better with one-on-one interaction vs the group activities.” – V.M., client’s daughter

“I want to thank you for your care and compassion afforded my father in your dealings with him and I will surely recommend your services at every chance I get. Thank you so much!” – H.R., client’s son

“Just wanted to let you know that mum seemed much more settled after today’s session. She got progressively more relaxed as the day went on.” – B.W., client’s son

“I wanted you to know Mom will be buried tomorrow (Thurs). We are having a private burial with her grandsons carrying her to her place by my Dad. The obituary will be in Saturday’s paper. I am repeating myself when I tell you how impressed the staff at (the PCH) were with Kelley and your program. They would tell me Mom did so well because of it. If you ever need me to speak to anyone about the benefits, do not hesitate to ask.” – C.H., client’s daughter

“I truly believe in the work you are doing. You are blessing to many!” – C.S., Social Worker

“I finally sat down to read over the notes that Sharon sent to me in email. I just can’t tell you enough how wonderful your program is and how much I appreciate your service. Mom is really doing so well. I would never have imagined that this winter would go so smoothly for her. Thanks again to you and Sharon : )” – L. P., client’s daughter

letter re KCS from Janice Kissoon
letter re KCS from Anissa